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Sue McPhee

Sue McPhee, NHSA storytellerSue McPhee, MEd, M.A., is a writer, performing Artist of the Spoken Word, massage therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, published author, and psychic.

She is also a widely-acclaimed and listened-to radio personality, with extensive stage, television, radio, and film background. In addition to storytelling and performance, Sue offers a variety of classes and workshops on wellness-related and performance topics.

She currently lives in a small town in NH, having moved there from Rhode Island in 2002. Previous to this move, she was blessed with many amazing experiences, including a four-and-a-half-year assignment in New York City ghettos and a medical mission to the heart-wrenching orphanages of Romania to apply her knowledge and skills helping multiply-handicapped and underprivileged infants and children.

With so many stories and so much learning gleaned from these adventures and more, Sue shares them with the world in story form, performance, and in her recently published book: A Tale of Two Rivers: One Woman’s Journey From the East River to The Târnava Mare.

In addition, Sue has another book in the works: I Never Called Myself a Psychic (But Everyone Else Did!)

Landline Phone: 603-464-5119