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Pamela Matson

From the moment – in 1991 – that Pam first heard Jay O'Callahan telling stories in Gloucester, Massachusetts, she knew she wanted to be a storyteller. She was hooked! When Pamela relocated to Pasadena shortly afterwards, she sought out and joined the San Gabriel Valley storytellers - and soon gave her first storytelling performance at the Children's Museum of Los Angeles!

After that, Pam told stories at story-swaps, local schools, libraries, nature centers, fairs, churches, and family festivals in California. In time, Pam also helped to produce the first Los Angeles Storytelling Festival. She believes the experience was a gift, in that she was able to work with many others storytellers while also sharpening her own professional skills.

Since moving back to the New Hampshire Seacoast, Pam is very happily employed as a role player and interpreter at Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH. Pamela has also given storytelling performances at such events as “Ghosts on the Banke."

Pam recently co-produced the 2018 Seacoast Storytellers “Tellabration!” event. In addition to co-producing the event, Pam performed one of her favorite stories at Tellabration - “Yettle's Feathers,” by Joan Rothenberg. A favorite of Pam’s, “Yettle's Feathers” is a story about brave mothers, widows, orphans and other ordinary - and extraordinary - women that she hopes will reach the hearts of her listeners. It’s Pam’s dearest wish to be of service by offering the stories that come through her to her listeners in hopes of sharing the gifts of healing, humor and laughter.

Pam is available for workshops on Family Storytelling, story programs connected to school curricula that include: NH history, railroads and trains, dinosaurs, Celia Thaxter and ornithology, Amelia Earhart and aviation, Onie Judge, stories from “1001 Arabian Nights”, and other world folktales. In addition, she just loves to tell Halloween stories!